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March 16, 2006
The new cybersquatting: What'$ in a name
Ottawa Citizen: Tech Weekly

March 16, 2006
Internet name game is lucrative, dynamic and cut-throat
Ottawa Citizen: Tech Weekly

November 24, 2005
GROUP forms to challenge VeriSign on .com

November 21, 2005
Study by Names @ Work Reveals Small European Trademark Holders could Pose Problem for Major U.S. Brands in .EU

June 6, 2005
Name Intelligence Domain Industry Awards Announced

November 2, 2004
Registrars Plan to Pool Their Resources in New Open Listing Service for Secondary Market Domains Drops

June 11, 2004 Declares its Domain Marketplace Open Domain Name News

June 9, 2004 Opens Domain Marketplace Domain News

June 8, 2004 Opens Domain Marketplace Technology: Breaking News

June 6, 2004
The Story: How A Tadpole Turned Into A Killer Whale in Just 12 Months! Cover Story

Press Releases:

July 25, 2007
DotAsia Announces Key Partnership with Deloitte, AGIP and

August 21, 2006 Prepares for .mobi Land Rush

March 27, 2006 Wins 80 Percent in the .EU Sunrise; Offers Free Land Rush Pre-Orders; Leading Backordering Company Prepared for Largest Land Rush Since .COM

March 8, 2005
BARACKOBAMA.COM Rescued From the Deep End by

October 7, 2004 Launches 'Open Listing Service' to Support Registrar-Based Re-Sale, Auctioning of Internet Domain Names

June 8, 2004 Opens Domain Marketplace

July 10, 2003 Launches ICANN Suit

June 12, 2003 Revolutionizes Backordering with "pay when we deliver" Service
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